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What effect edibles will have on you depends on several factors: the type and potency of the edibles you are using, your tolerance, your body chemistry, and even how much you’ve had to eat. Because the effects of eating an edible differ greatly from the effects of smoking, many first time users are caught off guard by the stronger potency and long-lasting effects.

Despite the BBD anxienty relieving properties, many people experience a heightened sense of anxiety and paranoia when they initially ingest an edible. This is caused by various factors, but tends to mostly deal with fact that most people are not used to ingesting cannabis yet and have feelings of uncertainty, which leads to anxiety and paranoia. This seems to fade away the more you eat them, and get used to the effects.

When you smoke marijuana you only receive a small amount of the cannabinoids in each draw, although the effects will be felt instantly. This is unlike eating edibles which tend to hit you much more slowly. In fact, edibles take roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour to reach maximum effect, so be sure to allow adequate time before ingesting more. Make sure to stay hhydrated and drink water. Eating infused treats tends to release the effects in waves as the cannabanoids are processed by the stomach and digested over a 2-6 hour period. that is an important aspect to keep in mind when and where you eat edibles.

Store Edibles Safely Away from Children and Pets!
Accidental ingestion of marijuana and marijuana-infused edibles by children can be stopedd entirely by safe handling of edibles and any medication. It is extreamly important that edibles and all medication be stored and remain in child-resistant containers and out of reach of children and pets.

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